Wildlife Removal Services of Chicago.

Finding an Animal Removal Company in Chicago.

More and more Chicago residents are finding themselves face to face with unwanted critters on their property. That is why there are wildlife removal companies who will come out, safely removing all of the creatures and relocating them. Without the use of harmful pesticides or poisons, ensuring the safety of your family and household pets.

Rats and mice are the more common of pests found in Chicago homes. The sooner they are removed the better, considering these rodents can inflict diseases upon humans and their pets. As a matter of fact, they carry thirty different types of diseases. Many of which affect the respiratory system, brain, kidneys and blood. Rats can be aggressive animals, so do not approach, or corner them. Please leave it up to the professionals at Chicago Rat Removal.

miceProblems From Rats and Mice:

  • Raiding pantries.
  • Making a home in the attic.
  • Leaving feces throughout the house.
  • Chewing on electrical wires.
  • Creating noise from scratching within walls and ceilings.

A wildlife remover will come out and located the area in which the rodents are getting in. Then a sealant made of steel is placed over the spot, preventing reentry inside. All of the critters are captured and removed, in a humane and safe manner.

Another animal found to be a problem to homeowners is the opossum. They can be mean if approached by humans or pets and they are known to bite when feeling threatened. Generally easy to catch, it usually takes one visit to get the population removed.

General Opossum Issues:

  • Taking food from pet dishes, as well as seed from birdhouses.
  • Finding way into to the house.
  • Making a home inside of attic.
  • Living under shed or deck.
  • Presence stressing on pets.

If squirrels are creating havoc on the property, a Chicago wildlife removal company can assist with those as well. Generally, they are more active during the early morning and evening hours.

Common Squirrel Problems:

  • Eating birdseed and chewing on birdhouses.
  • Living in the attic.
  • Nibbling on woodwork and electrical wires.
  • Getting themselves stuck inside of walls.
  • Urinating throughout the home, leaving an odor.
  • Chattering and making noise.

Squirrels will chew on materials in an attic, in order to build their nests. As well as chimneys, where they can fall through the fireplace and get inside the house.