Unwanted Armadillos

On some rare occasions, Chicago residents report unwanted armadillos on their property. Although they pose no great threat, the garden is another matter. These creatures love to dig, anywhere and everywhere. Leaving a trail of destruction along the way.

Armadillo Armadillo Issues:

  • Uprooting landscaping and mulch.
  • Burrowing causing cracking to concrete and destroying pipes.
  • Leaving large tunnels underneath of house.
  • Putting holes throughout the yard.

It usually is not much trouble for the animal remover to humanely escort the creature to a better location.

Here are some other types of wildlife that they assist with, Skunks, groundhogs, birds, felines, canines, snakes, moles, beavers, bats and many other animals. The best solution to any critter on a property is a professional wildlife removal company. Ensuring the safety to both homeowner and the creature.